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I am a Rocky Mountain horse.  I love people and especially people with treats!  Sometimes, I give people a little nip to let them know to bring treats next time.


Sadly our Prince of Daisy Acres crossed over the rainbow bridge, his kisses and goofy personality will be missed.

I am a Georgian Grande.  I am the Prince of Daisy Acres.  You can see from this very sweet picture of me why they call me Romeo, I LOVE to give kisses!


I am a cross between a Saddlebred and a Tennessee Walker.  I'm the horse that is friends with everyone and every horse here at Daisy Acres. 


I am a full blooded Friesian—the kind that Zorro rode! My name is Cyrus but everyone calls me Cy. I love everyone and I even know how to give hugs. 


I am a Tennessee Walker. Most of my life I’ve been a 4-H horse.

I loved being shown at the county fair and winning ribbons for my 4-H youth. I know I look like Cy but I’m not related.

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