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Daisy Acres is home to Daisy Fest every year beginning in 2016.  Daisy loved spending time on the farm, her pony "Sugar" was here, she had her own bedroom and she loved following Uncle Gus around and helping out when she could.  Below is information on Daisy and how Daisy Acres and Daisy fest came about. 


7/2001 - 6/2016

Daisy was born in July 2001 and left us suddenly in June 2016. Daisy lived a full life between that little dash.

Every year for her birthday, we had a huge celebration known as Daisy Fest. In 2016, it took on a whole new meaning and is now a reason to celebrate the amazing life Daisy had and the amazing little person she was.

A huge advocate for animals, Daisy and her mother Andrea, were some of the first founders of the dog rescue Seniors Rock Saving the Seniors. She helped rehabilitate, foster and re-home over 17 dogs.

DaisyFest is a chance for us to enjoy each other and things Daisy loved, as well as, raise money for animals in need. This is done in honor of Daisy and to keep her legacy alive.

We receive donations from local businesses all over Wisconsin and do multiple sized raffles.

With permission from Daisy's mom it was decided that our small 9 acre hobby farm would forever be called "Daisy Acres".  The sign on the property is of a large daisy and the center of the daisy is Daisy's thumbprint because she is everywhere on the farm.

 Daisy Acres Mission

It has always been our dream to use our hobby farm for good, it took a while but for that dream to come true but it is finally here.  

Our mission is to provide a safe, compassionate and inclusive environment that promotes emotional, mental and physical healing by learning about and spending time with horses and other farm animals for individuals and groups.

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